Travel & Hospitality

Matera Rising; DuJour Magazine, Spring 2017 *
Los Feliz Gets its First Boutique Hotel; T Magazine, January 2015
Spotlight Destination: Gozo; SUITCASE Magazine, March 2017*
Love To Write? This Is What You Should Do In Paris; Bustle, May 2015 *
8 Literary Places in Paris Every Book-Lover Must Visit While She's There; Bustle, May 2015 *


BookS, Film, and Culture

Rethinking Domestic Space with Tariq Dixon; Freunde von Freunden, November 2017
Emily Brontë: New Heights; Gather Journal, S/S 2017
A New Dance Documentary by a "Girls" Director;  T Magazine, January 2015
8 Things Madeleine L'Engle Taught Us; Bustle, March, 2015
Film Isn't Faithful to the Book? Don't Get Mad Yet; Bustle, March, 2015
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on writing

Why Writers Should Learn to Love Their Critics; Bustle, March 2015
7 Myths About Female Writers That Needed to Be Dispelled Yesterday; Bustle, February 2015
Using Rhythm to Enhance Your Prose; NY Book Editors, April 2015
How Studying Poetry Made Me a Better Writer; NY Book Editors, February 2015
The Biggest Mistake Beginning Writers Make; NY Book Editors, July 2014



The Scrub Bar at the Spa at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel; Allure Magazine, April 2012
Caile Noble of Serge Normant at John Frieda Salon; Allure Magazine, November 2011


Poetry Awards and Publications

The Oleander Review; August 2007.
The Allegheny Review: A National Journal of Undergraduate Literature; 2006.
The Arthur Miller Award of The University of Michigan Club of New York Scholarship Fund; April 2006.
Spires Intercollegiate Arts & Literary MagazineFall 2005.
Spires Poetry Prize; Fall 2005.


*Images as well as words